Invest in yourself

"Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far"
- Warren Buffett

How should you invest in yourself? We have all heard the phrase time and time again, “If you want to be successful; your best investment, is investment in yourself”. Today this adage is more relevant than ever.  Unfortunately, when many hear this quote, their mind immediately goes down the one path; what next big thing can I buy for myself? Truly successful individuals know this is wrong way to think, they understand the real meaning; Deliberately making time to get away from the mundane and stress of life. They take time, every day, to clear their heads so they can focus on what is important.

One of the simplest and most effective ways of investing in yourself, is taking time to explore the world around you. Not in terms of going on a multi-day journey but going out and walking to your local park, running along a river trail or hiking to a mountain vista. Getting outdoors energizes your mind and clears your head, allowing you to focus on personal challenges. When you explore, you focus on your biggest asset, yourself.

Top 5 benefits of exploring as a way of investing in yourself:

    1. Exercise: No matter the pace or distance, when you head outside you are exercising your body. The benefits of taking just 30 min to walk have been hailed time and time again. Those 30 minutes exploring will leave your body rejuvenated.
    2. Focus: When you exploring, your thoughts go to your internal self. Your mind is energized and cleared to think about issues you are having. Without all the distraction, you can make plans, clarify events and find meaningful solutions.
    3. Disconnecting: Unfortunately terms like “Nomophobia” now exist. Texts, alerts, commercials and calls compete for your attention.  Exploring forces you to disengage from devices, freeing your mental energy.
    4. Connecting:  We are more connected than any population has ever been in history, yet  millions feel more alone than ever. Getting outside allows you to connect with neighbors, new people and your local community. You find new places, new paths and new experiences.
    5. You won’t break the bank: Spend money on experiences, not things! You know where it is, it is in the back closet, in the garage or sitting on that shelf. That fancy exercise equipment, the newest kitchen gadget or a new set of shoes. All the purchases were well intentioned, you just never can find time to use them. Exploring outside does not require a whole new set of equipment that will go to waste, only time.

A few great people also put it well:

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better"
- Albert Einstein
"I am happiest when I am in the wild because I can listen"
- Nelson Mandela, Kistenbosch Gardens, Cape Town

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