About Us


TrekNu has a mission to get you out and exploring the world around you. We know the feeling you have, stuck in the "Routine Grind". Work, Family, Meeting Friends at yet another bar or restaurant... it gets old. 


There is a whole world around you, yes around you right now that you have no idea about. There is an amazing hiking trail, a great run route for hills, the perfect spot to take a summer sunrise photo. You just don't know it is there. 


TrekNu is building an application that will allow you find all these places to explore at the touch of a button. Imagine going to a new city and finding the best way to see all the best architecture, bridges or historic artifacts. Whatever you enjoy doing you can do. No more "Top 10 this" or "Must do" that... an actual step by step guide for whatever you enjoy. 

TrekNu is currently in the design phase of the application. We would genuenly appreceate your feedback on the below questions. It will help guide us in our design. If you'd like, please feel free to sign up to our newsletter as well to keep up on our progress and get some neat articles about exploring from time to time.  


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